6ix9ine’s Full Guilty Plea Has Been Made Available To Public

6ix9ine’s Full Guilty Plea Has Been Made Available To Public

6ix9ine’s Full Guilty Plea Has Been Made Available To Public SEE FULL DETAILS;

When Daniel Hernandez, known to the masses as Tekashi 6ix9ine, pleaded guilty for nine counts in a federal racketeering case, many were surprised at his level of involvement in illicit activities. When he proceeded to cooperate with the government others believed the rapper’s loose lips were an inevitability.

He is, after all, looking at some truly sobering hard time; forty-seven years behind bars might very well humble you.

Now, Complex has obtained a transcript of the guilty plea, and have detailed some of the more interesting revelations. It would appear that the extent of 6ix9ine’s involvement is confirmed, from his own mouth at that. While some might recall 6ix9ine from his formative days seeking viral stardom through “pussy” emblazoned fashion attire, his breakout arrived with the release of “Gummo.”

As it happens, 6ix9ine’s clip featured an increased presence of Nine Trey Bloods, as the rapper originally “met and joined the Nine Trey Blood Gang” in the Fall of 2017.

6ix9ine's Full Guilty Plea Has Been Made Available To Public

“As a member of Nine Trey, the enterprise engaged in such activities including shooting at people, robbing people, and at times drug trafficking,” says Hernandez. It’s already been established that he has been directly involved in said activities, three to be specific; robbery, attempted murder, and drug trafficking. In the plea, 6ix9ine admits he “paid a person to shoot at a rival member of Nine Trey to scare him.” He also admitted to his involvement in selling heroin, stating “I and others agreed to sell one kilogram of heroin.”

Complex also makes note of 6ix9ine’s admission to experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, brought upon by his stepfather’s murder.  “I started becoming just rebelling and not showering, like depression stuff,” says Tekashi, who never ended up taking the Zoloft he was prescribed. Instead, he opted for his mother’s “Mexican remedies.”

While 6ix9ine is looking at a minimum of 47 years, a judge has confirmed that “snitching” will certainly bode well in his favor. Maybe not in the streets, but in the courtroom.


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