Drake’s “God’s Plan” Up For Three Grammy Awards

Drake's "God's Plan" Up For Three Grammy Awards

Drake's “God's Plan” Up For Three Grammy Awards

's “God's Plan” Up For Three SEE FULL DETAILS;

Everyone felt Scorpion SZN when Drake dropped the sensation music video for “God's Plan.” Although the rapper has declined the prospect of performing during this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, his name will be called upon several times during the festivities.

“God's Plan” accounts for three of his seven award nominations. The chart-topping single could be crowned Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

“God's Plan” became the longest-leading No.1 song for the Canadian artist at the time spending 11 weeks at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It's accompanying video clip propelled it's popularity when it dropped in February 2018 as it showed Drake giving away his music video budget to the community.

He gifted $996,631.90 to unsuspecting pedestrians and grocery shoppers. The children of Miami's Lotus House also received toys from the music giant.

Drake's "God's Plan" Up For Three Grammy Awards

The visuals flipped the script on the usual message of greed and hedonistic wiles propagated in mainstream rap. It's opening credits stated, “Don't tell the label…” The charitable action was later reported to be part of a marketing ploy approved by the label.

Either way, the apparent act of rebellion clearly paid off, earning platinum status as the RIAA's Top Song of the year.

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